The Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI) is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder community-driven synergy group dedicated to the promotion of sustainable economic, environmental, and social development in southwest Alberta.    

SASCI was established in 2002 to foster community sustainability by improving the community’s knowledge and building engagement, collaboration, and decision-making capacity.  Through our unique multi-stakeholder, yet neutral, structure and approach, SASCI has succeeded in building a reputation as a source of sound information and a respected facilitator of community dialogue.  Now entering its 10th year of operation, SASCI's Board of Directors and staff continue to engage stakeholders and advance key projects to promote community sustainability.  

SASCI’s boundaries are issues-based, rather than municipal or geographical.  Working where needed, SASCI provides information and education, facilitates public dialogue, and offers capacity-building programs for the sustainable economic, environmental, and social future of southwestern Alberta.

The Board of Directors works to shape the structure, function, and direction of the organization, while maintaining SASCI's principles of balanced information sharing and neutrality.