Development and Consultation Roadmap


In 2007, SASCI prepared the Development and Consultation Roadmap.  The Roadmap is intended to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders in southwest Alberta with respect to development proposals by improving all stakeholders’ understanding of the regulatory framework governing development activity, of the community context within which development may take place, and of the issues and constraints facing proponents and the community alike.  The Roadmap is also intended to promote timely and effective engagement with potentially affected stakeholders and the community at large.

The Roadmap is intended for use by all stakeholders in southwest Alberta.  In particular, development proponents will benefit from a deeper knowledge and understanding of the community, regulatory processes and responsibilities, the expectations of stakeholders, and the steps necessary to obtain and maintain a social licence to operate in the region.  The community at large, and particularly potentially affected stakeholders, will benefit from a better understanding of regulatory and consultation processes, constraints facing the proponent, and opportunities for engagement, and from access to tools enabling more effective participation.  Regulators and decision-makers will benefit from more effective participation by all parties in development application processes.  By using this guide, it is hoped all stakeholders will build capacity to effectively engage in dialogue leading to economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable development decisions.

The material in the Roadmap is organized into three main parts:  the Proponent’s Guide, the Citizen’s Guide, and Principles. 

The Proponent’s Guide provides an overview of our community, describing the range of stakeholders and identifying primary issues of concern.  The Proponent’s Guide also includes an overview of the typical regulatory processes likely to apply to development proposals in the region, including municipal, provincial, and federal processes.  It also provides information regarding the importance and timing of community engagement.   

The Citizen’s Guide provides an overview of issues and constraints typically faced by developers.  It also describes the opportunities for public participation in development application and decision-making processes and suggests tools to support citizens in effectively participating in stakeholder engagement processes with proponents. 

The Principles section of this guide outlines recommended fundamental principles believed to be essential for effective community engagement, and will be of interest and relevance to all stakeholders.  Additional resources are appended, including contact information for stakeholders, an illustrative overview of the regulatory and consultation process, and a best-practices guide to consultation for proponents and the community.

The Development and Consultation Roadmap is intended to be a dynamic, ‘living’ document, one that will be updated from time to time to address stakeholder needs, reflect experience and learning, and incorporate regulatory changes.  To this end, SASCI welcomes feedback from users of this guide.  A feedback form is appended.

Click here to download the current version of the guide.

Alternatively, the Roadmap can be viewed at SASCI's offices in the Town of Pincher Creek; call ahead to ensure our library is open.

SASCI's Development and Consultation Roadmap was made possible by a grant from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation


The Development and Consultation Roadmap provides an overview of likely regulatory processes and related issues in respect of potential development projects that may be proposed in southwest Alberta.  The information provided in this document was derived from publicly available sources.  Only limited direct consultation with government agencies was undertaken in support of this document.  This document has not been reviewed nor endorsed by any lawyer or regulatory agency.  This document is intended to provide an overview and does not constitute a comprehensive and exhaustive listing of all authorizations that may be required for any given project, and may not describe all of the information requirements related to any of the licences, permits, approvals, or other authorizations that are identified.  Although care has been taken to provide accurate and up-to-date information, this document should be used only for general guidance.  The proponent must confirm specific regulatory process and information requirements in relation to specific project proposals.  Regulatory requirements may have changed since the date of publication of the current version.

The information presented in this report should not be construed as legal advice, and no guarantee of project feasibility is implicitly or explicitly provided by this report.