Governance Capacity Building


In the fall of 2010, SASCI is starting a new program focused on building the capacity of community service organizations in key areas like governance, fundraising, volunteer program design and management, conflict resolution, and facilitation. 

SASCI’s governance capacity-building program will begin by offering an opportunity for up to six volunteer directors from southwest Alberta communities to take an intensive, three-day course in governance essentials.  Governance in the not-for-profit sector involves many of the same responsibilities, challenges, and liabilities as the for-profit sector, and demands many of the same competencies.  The sustainability and effectiveness of our community organizations depend in large measure on the skills and capacity of the volunteers that make up the Board of Directors.  Yet many of our community volunteers have little or no governance education.  This program is intended to help address that need.

The Governance Essentials Program, delivered by the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), addresses the characteristics, expectations, and differences of the not-for-profit sector, the roles and responsibilities of directors, governance models, ethics, strategic planning, stakeholder management, change management, and best practices.  The course is taught by faculty from Canada’s leading business schools, and will be offered in Edmonton on October 24-26.

Using funding from a Rural Community Adaptation Program grant, supplemented with other sponsorships, SASCI is able to cover the expenses, including course registration, travel, and accommodation, for up to six individuals - including up to three from SASCI's own Board - selected to participate in the Governance Essentials Program.  

To maximize the impact of this education program, participants will be expected to share their learnings with a larger group of volunteer directors back in their own organization and community, through workshops or other venues coordinated by SASCI.

Through this program, SASCI hopes to enhance the governance capacity of volunteer organizations in the community, enabling these organizations to play a more effective role in addressing community needs.

The initial governance education program will be followed by additional components focused on fundraising, volunteer program design and management, conflict resolution, and facilitation.  More information about each component will be posted on this site and advertised through our TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages and in regional media.

SASCI's governance capacity-building program is made possible through an Alberta Rural Community Adaptation Program grant.