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Pathways to Prosperity: new report now available!

The National Parks Conservation Association, based in Whitefish, Montana, has issued a new report, entitled Pathways to Prosperity:  The Natural Roots of Economic Success in the Crown of the Continent.  

From the report's Executive Summary:

"Pathways to Prosperity tells eight stories from eight very different perspectives, exploring what we hold in common across our borders, and what it means to live and work in the Crown.  The global economy is changing— has changed—and today’s employers and employees are free to relocate where they choose. Many choose the Crown. Locating in our region’s rural towns is no longer a trade-off between livelihood and lifestyle; today’s entrepreneurs are having their scenery and eating it too."

Featuring stories and perspectives from southwest Alberta, southeast BC, and Montana, the report is likely to be of interest to various stakeholders in the region.

To download the PDF (about 5.75 MB), click here to be redirected to our Resources page.

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