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Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie: New Manual!

"Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie: Dry Mixedgrass Natural Subregion of Alberta" is a new and exciting tool for restoration within the Dry Mixedgrass Natural Subregion. It is the first document in a series of new guideline documents that will address recovery strategies for all the natural subregions within Alberta’s Grassland Natural Region.  The objective of this document is to help reclamation practitioners, landowners, land managers, and regulatory authorities to determine the most appropriate recovery strategy for their disturbance type, giving site-specific options and pathways to restoration.

The document was prepared by Gramineae Services Ltd. for the Range Resource Management Program of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, in partnership with the Special Areas Board, Foothills Restoration Forum (which SASCI is proud to support), and the Energy Resources Conservation Board.

You can download a PDF of the document from our Resources page here.

If you want to order a full-colour, coil-bound copy of the document, visit the Foothills Restoration Forum website here.

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