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Expert Panel invites Canadians to participate in review of environmental assessment process

The Expert Panel tasked with reviewing federal environmental assessment processes in Canada has announced a series of in-person engagement activities.

The Expert Panel will be travelling the country from September 19 to December 15, 2016, to hear the views of Indigenous Peoples, stakeholders and all Canadians on the federal environmental assessment process. Canadians can visit www.EAreview.ca to register to participate in workshops or to make presentations to the Panel. There will also be opportunities to provide input online or attend any event as an observer.  

Input gathered both in-person and online will help inform the Expert Panel's review. A report, including recommendations, is due to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change in January 2017.

Canadians are invited to learn more at www.EAreview.ca and to follow the Expert Panel at @EA_review (www.twitter.com/EA_review). 

The closest public session to southwest Alberta will be in Calgary on November 21.  Space is limited and you must register to participate!  Follow the link above for more information and to register.

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