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Alberta Real Estate Foundation seeking Board member

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation is seeking a candidate to fill the position of Public Appointment (Consumer Interest) for our Board of Governors. The ideal candidate is energetic, up to date on issues in Alberta, and active in the community. Excellent collaboration skills and governance experience is an asset along with a willingness to continuously learn and network on behalf of the Foundation. Please note that this is not a paid position (travel and expenses are covered) and the candidate cannot hold a real estate license or be a member of the real estate industry. The appointed Governor is required to reside in Alberta, and attend three board meetings per year.  Participation in events, conferences, workshops, and coffee with community organisations is highly encouraged between meetings. The Foundation values diversity of all kinds including geographical area of Alberta, ethnicity, gender, and skill. We seek a board that reflects the diversity of our province and the communities we serve.  Interested individuals can contact the Foundation at 403-228-4786 or email for more information.  A letter of intent and CV can be sent to by April 13th.

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