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Enmax launching solar panel leasing program

Enmax plans to begin leasing rooftop solar panels to Alberta customers in June this year.  The panels will generate up to 130 kW-hours per month, which is about 20% of what the typical household uses.   

Read more in this Global News article here.

Visit Enmax's alternative energy site here.



Rural social media users value close connection

A recent study explored how rural use of social media differs from urban communities.  Click here to read the story. 


Alberta Land Stewardship Act amended

Amendments to the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, passed May 10 in the Legislative Assembly.

From the press release:

"The Act clarifies the original intent of the legislation, adding a clear statement that government must respect the property and other rights of individuals. It also makes it clear that the Act does not limit any existing rights to compensation, respects all existing appeal provisions in Alberta legislation and that land titles and freehold mineral rights were never included in the definition of statutory consents."

To read the press release, which includes highlights of the Alberta Land Stewardship Amendment Act, click here.




Premier's Council for Economic Strategy: Shaping Alberta's Future

On May 5, 2011, the Premier's Council for Economic Strategy released its report, Shaping Alberta's Future.

From the release:

"It includes an important call to all Albertans, outlining broad direction on important themes for our future: broadening the economy, realizing the full potential of our energy resources, preparing the province and Albertans for a global economy, and investing in the future. The report also provides thoughts on how to ensure the province has a strong platform - fiscally, environmentally and with respect to infrastructure - to sustain economic growth. Under each of the five themes, the council outlines some thought-provoking ‘flagship’ initiatives, which Albertans will need time to study and consider moving forward."

Click here to access the Premier's website and links to the full report, the executive summary, and additional resources.


Ranchers struggle against giant meatpackers and economic troubles

Although this article is focused on the US ranching and meatpacking industry, it may be of interest to ranchers in southwest Alberta as well.

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Click here to access the article.