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Selected Tools to Evaluate Water Monitoring Networks for Climate Change Adaptation

CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) has published Selected Tools to Evaluate Water Monitoring Networks for Climate Change Adaptation.  This toolkit describes proven and practical ways for water managers and planners to set climate change adaptation priorities for water monitoring networks, and evaluate their ability to provide the data to support climate change adaptation needs.

Click here to get to the CCME's water site.

Click here to download the Tools PDF file (1.3MB).


Changing Currents: Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada's Natural Resource Sectors

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy has issued a new report examining the sustainable management of water in Canada, in the context of the development of our natural resources sectors.

From the NRTEE website:
"The world’s supply of freshwater is limited and finite. While Canada is blessed with an abundance of freshwater, an expected increase in the development of the natural resource sectors begs the question of whether our country has enough to support economic growth while also maintaining the health of our ecosystems. We need to know whether we are in a position to sustainably manage our water resources for future generations and if we have the capability to deal with issues like an anticipated change in precipitation patterns caused by climate change." 

Link to the report here.