SASCI relies on the support of many donors to enable the delivery of its much-needed community services and programs.  Donations and grants allow SASCI to facilitate important public dialogue, host information sessions, and deliver capacity-building workshops and other programs; most of these are offered free to the public.

As time passes and our community grows, the potential for land use conflict and other environmental, social, and economic issues increases - and with it grows the demand for SASCI's services.  While SASCI relies on volunteer time like most service organizations, many of our programs require specially trained facilitators and subject-matter experts, and involve costs associated with displays, documents, venues, travel, advertising, and other expenses.  

That's why we rely on outside support.  Our sponsors, funders, and supporters believe in SASCI's vision and help us to realize its achievement.   

As well, supporting SASCI brings other benefits as well!  Contributions to SASCI create reputational and other potential value for donors.  Our sponsors, funders, and supporters are recognized and acknowledged by SASCI in project-related publications, advertising, events, and regional media publications, as appropriate and commensurate with the scale of their contribution.  These rights and privileges are outlined in our Sponsors and Funders and Supporters policies.

If you believe in SASCI's vision too, we encourage you to support SASCI today for a sustainable future tomorrow!

SASCI is a registered charity.  Receipts will be issued upon request for donations over $20.00.