Volunteer Program Development Workshop

On Thursday, September 22nd, SASCI hosted a free workshop aimed at helping community service organization design and deliver a compelling volunteer program.  The workshop explored the motivations and expectations behind volunteering, potential barriers to volunteering, and possible solutions.  The workshop also examined the essential qualities of the volunteer experience that ensure both the volunteer and the service organization achieve meaningful outcomes.  

To deliver this program, SASCI partnered with highly regarded Canadian consultants, Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker of Realized Worth, who specialize in providing training and hands-on involvement in the design and implementation of outstanding and sustainable volunteer programs in both the private and public sectors.   

Facilitator Chris Jarvis talking about the importance of 'meaning'

We hosted representatives from Parks Canada, the Waterton Natural History Association, the Pincher Creek & District Historical Society, the Pincher Creek & District Municipal Library, the Parent Link Centre, the Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce, the Matthew Halton Booster Society, Group Group Youth, and of course, SASCI!

Workshop participants brainstorming ideas

What did our participants think?

"This was a very good workshop. It's always good to come away with a few simple tools that you can work on trying to apply right away."

"I certainly enjoyed the workshop."

"I am excited to try to employ this concept within our organization."

This event was made possible by the financial support of Alberta's Rural Community Adaptation Program and the generous sponsorship of the Pincher Creek & District Historical Society/Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village. Thanks to them both!